Social Program
Date & Time : 18:30-20:00, October 17 (Wed.), 2018
Place : Ramada Ballroom, Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel
Participation Fee : USD 50 / KRW 50,000

   The welcome reception will be a great opportunity to network with
   colleagues and expand partnerships while enjoying a quality dinner.
   Come and join this entertaining icebreaker of ART 2018!
Date October 19 (Fri.), 2018 | 08:30-13:00
Places Seongsan Sunrise Peak → Seopjikoji
Remark 1) Participation fee: Free of charge for ART 2018 attendees.
2) Please come to the designated meeting point 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
3) On-site conference tour reservation needs to be made one day prior to the scheduled tour at the registration desk.

Seongsan Sunrise Peak (UNESCO World Natural Heritage) which is famous for its sunrise along the eastern edge of Jejudo Island, was originally itself an island. Due to sedimentation, a path connecting Seongsan to Jejudo Island was created, and a road was built on top of that, turning the island into a village of Jejudo Island. With the exception of the northwestern slope, where a trail has been built, all the other slopes of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak have been eroded by the waves, turning them into vertical walls. At the summit is a large crater that is 450m from the east to the west and 350m from the north to the south.   Seopjikoji which is located at the east coast of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, is a beautiful coastline filled with canola flowers during the spring, with Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak rising up in the background. You can find Sinyang Sandy Beach at the entrance, while the end will let you see the traditional beauties of Jeju, such as a vast land filled with canola flowers growing on the hill, Jeju donkies grazing peacefully, beautiful rock cliffs, and the legendary Seonbawi Rock standing in the middle of the ocean.

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