Conference Topic
1 Railway Network, Infrastructure and Transportation (RNIT)
  1-1 Visions for Integrated Asian Rail Network
1-2 Global Standards for Asian Railway Interoperability
1-3 Infrastructure Project & Management
1-4 Rail Track Structure
1-5 Construction and Maintenance
1-6 Rail Track Geotechnics
1-7 Tunnels and Bridge
1-8 Computation and Simulation
1-9 Noise and Vibration
1-10 Planning, Development and Operational Issues
2 Railway Safety System Innovation (RSSI)
  2-1 Implementation Issues of Safety Management Systems
2-2 Accident Analysis and Prevention and Safety Protection Design
2-3 IoT based Real-time Detection of Safety Hazards
2-4 Big-data based Risk Management and Response
2-5 Condition Based Maintenance for Railway Systems
2-6 Predictive Analytics
2-7 Health Monitoring
2-8 Vehicle Dynamics and Traffic Safety
3 Future of Transport Mobility (FUTM)
  3-1 Rolling Stock
3-2 Visions for New Urban Mobility
3-3 Urban Mobility in Autonomous Vehicle Age
3-4 Personal Rapid Transit Technology and Implementation
3-5 Issues for Deployment Trams in Urban Area
3-6 Inter-city Express Train
3-7 MagLev System
3-8 Hyperloop
4 Transport Sustainability for Asian Countries (TSAC)
  4-1 Railways and the Impact on Sustainability
4-2 Sustainable Urban Transportation System in Asia
4-3 International Collaboration for Railway Sustainability
4-4 Freight Logistics
4-5 Environmental Issues
4-6 Big-data/AI based Smart & Sustainable Transport System
5 Electrical and Signalling Engineering (ESE)
  5-1. Electricfication System
5-2. Electric Traction System
5-3. Train Control & Traffic Management System
5-4. Information & Communication System
Special Session
1 Design and Construction Technology for CWR on a Ballastless Bridge
2 Development and Design Criteria of Derailment Containment Provisions (DCP) for Railway Vehicle
3 Smart Air Quality Monitoring and Control in Subway System
4 Development of Rail-damage Detection Inspection and Monitoring System for Advanced Prevention Railway Obstruction
5 Railway Asset Management
6 Research and Implementation of SKIP-STOP Operation
7 Overview of New Technology Trend in Logistics Industry
8 Improvement for Operational Safety and Maintenance
9 Experience and Future of Asian Railway
10 Global Railway Research in Korea National University of Transportation
11 Technological Developments in Mechanized Tunneling

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